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  • Serves as primary contact for and leader of the PTA;
  • Presides over all PTA Board and General Meetings;
  • Works with Solar Prep administration and PTA Board to set and maintain calendar for PTA;
  • Liaison to Friends of Solar Prep, SBDM Committee, Solar League, Girl Scouts, and Solar Prep Boys PTA;
  • Appoints chairpersons for special committees;
  • Coordinates the work of the officers and committees so that the PTA’s objectives can be met;
  • Represents Solar Prep in community;
  • Serves on Solar Prep Site Based Decision Making Team (ex-officio).


VP of Membership

  • Oversees the execution of Solar Prep Girls Staff & Student Online PTA Directory:
  • Works closely with Website Administrator to manage account registration and completion of data;
  • Works closely with Fundraising Chair and Treasurer to create and manage sponsorship pages.
  • Performs the duties of President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve.



  • Responsible for all non-financial PTA records;
  • Maintains an accurate list of the names and contact information of PTA board members;
  • Organizes annual PTA membership drive and the on-going process to encourage membership;
  • Tracks PTA membership;
  • Records minutes of all PTA Executive and Board meetings and submits to database;
  • Reads and distributes copies of previous meeting minutes at each PTA meeting;
  • Prepares notices, agendas, sign-in sheets, and materials for distribution at PTA meetings;
  • Reviews, maintains and responds to all written correspondence addressed to the PTA.



  • Maintains PTA budget and PTA bank account;
  • Attends all PTA events where money is collected;
  • Creates budget in conjunction with officers and committee chairs;
  • Balances accounts and keeps ledgers for all committees;
  • Prepares financial reports for monthly meetings and as needed;
  • Keeps a record of all income and expenditures of the PTA;
  • Make payments and disbursements as authorized by PTA Board;
  • Maintains insurance policy on behalf of PTA;
  • Prepares organization’s annual tax return;
  • Assures PTA policies and best practices are followed with regards to



  • Incorporates all amendments into the by-laws and ensures that signed copies of the by-laws with the latest amendments are on file in the principal’s office;
  • Maintains a current copy of Constitution and By-Laws at all meetings;
  • Ensures all meetings and processes are conducted in accordance with by-laws;
  • Tracks attendance at all meetings;
  • Advises on parliamentary procedures using Robert’s Rules of Order.


8th Grade Events Chair

  • Coordinates with Solar Prep administration to determine events and special recognition opportunities for graduating 8th grade Solar Scholars;
  • Plans & executes these events with the help of 8th Grade Events Committee. 



Communications Chair

  • Notifies PTA membership of PTA meetings and events in advance of meeting date;
  • Promotes, distributes, and monitors PTA information and activities to the school, students, and Solar families using email and social media platforms;
  • Responds to all incoming email correspondence from PTA membership;
  • Creates flyers and submits PTA events to the Bright Times newsletter;
  • Communicates PTA events to Website Chair;
  • Communicates grade-level PTA events and volunteer opportunities to Solar Prep Room Parents;
  • Communicates with appropriate persons (e.g., local newspaper, TV, magazines, and business owners) to help market PTA initiatives to the greater community;
  • Works with Fundraising and Spring Carnival to facilitate sponsors;
  • Records meeting minutes if Recording Secretary is unable to attend a meeting.



Fundraising Chair

  • Identifies and facilitates effective fundraising efforts and opportunities, including events, sponsorships, and donations;
  • Leads effort to procure donations and sponsorships;
  • Responsible for soliciting sponsorships and donations from restaurants and businesses throughout the year for PTA functions (e.g., t-shirt sponsors, food donations for events, etc.);
  • Works with the Communications Secretary and Special Correspondence Coordinator to ensure that donors and sponsors receive thank-you cards and recognition in PTA newsletters, website, etc.


Staff Appreciation Chair

  • Coordinates with Solar Prep administration on staff meals for special events throughout the school year, including: Fall & Spring Welcome Staff Back to School; Mini School; Grandparents & Book Fair; Fall & Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences; 12 Days of Winter Staff Treats.
  • Coordinates Teacher Appreciation Week;
  • Arranges ordering and delivery of flowers or gifts for Solar Staff members, as approved by the PTA Board, in the event of special professional recognition occasions (some events may align with other parent organization efforts, such as Solar League);
  • Works closely with Special Correspondence Committee Chair.



Volunteer Coordinator

  • Outreach to Solar Girls Community to solicit volunteers;
  • Works with volunteers to identify time & talent for greatest volunteer impact;
  • Communicates with and facilitates volunteer needs for campus and PTA initiatives.




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