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Coffee with the Principal Meetings
Community Outreach
Cultural Arts for Scholars
Fundraising & Solar Giving
Grade Level Parent Representatives
Movie Nights
Multicultural Events
Scholar Showcases
Student Clubs
Solar Prep Cares
Solar Sports
Special Correspondence
Spring Carnival
Spring Musicals
Sweetheart Dance
Staff Appreciation


Visual Media Chair

- Creates flyers and other communications for Bright Times, Friday Folders, PTO banners/posters/displays;
- Works closely with Communications Secretary.

* Graphic design skills needed (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite).



School & Student Club Supplies

- Researches and determines school supplies vendor;
- Coordinates ordering of student school supplies (late spring);
- Coordinates distribution of student school supplies (Meet the Teacher Night and first week of school);
- Coordinates, sources and orders student club supplies (early Fall);
- Coordinates with Solar Staff to maintain and refresh club supplies as-needed (early Fall).



- Coordinates and manages the Solar Prep Girls Yearbook, which includes:
> Tracking yearbook orders, and
> Issuing receipts and keeping accurate and up-to-date records of yearbook sales;
- Attends and leads the weekly after-school student Yearbook Club, inclusive of creating and issuing student photographer ID badges and access and use of yearbook creation software;
- Works closely with Solar Staff and student photographers throughout the year for all school events and activities;
- Works closely with school pictures studio and yearbook publisher.


Website Admin

- Maintains and updates all aspects of the PTO website;
- Requires regular communication with school admin and all board positions.


Spring Festival:

Coordinates PTO’s annual Spring family event:
> Significant planning begins by December - effort is substantial, especially 4-6 weeks prior to the event;
> Involves a large committee with project leaders for various areas - time spent depends on how work is divided and how roles are assigned; includes creating and maintaining cost budget, food and entertainment procurement, and oversight of volunteers, oversight of sponsorship solicitations.
> Establishes and maintains working relationships with vendors.


Special Correspondence

- Handles all written correspondence, working closely with Staff Appreciation Chair:
> Thank-you letters and cards -- to sponsors and donors on behalf of PTO;
> Congratulatory (e.g. childbirth, wedding), get well, sympathy and birthday cards -- to Solar Staff.


Spanish Translation

Executes Spanish translations for all internal and external PTO communication requests.


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