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About Staff Appreciation

Consider this: We have approximately 5,500 waking hours in a CALENDAR year, and our scholars spend roughly 1,500 hours per SCHOOL year in the classrooms and hallways under the care and tutelage of our Solar Faculty & Staff. That means a little over 25% of our scholars' WAKING hours in a whole calendar year are spent at school with our valued staff in only 9 of those 12 months! What's more, 8-9 of those 14-15 daily waking hours (that's nearly 2/3!) are at school! What's the point? OUR SOLAR FACULTY & STAFF ARE IMPORTANT!


We aim to celebrate each and every one of our wonderful Solar Prep Girls Staff Members. Staff Appreciation efforts are focus primarily upon gifting individual (and ALL) staff members for unique celebrations and recognition opportunities as well as providing staff meals for special events throughout the school year. A large percentage of the money raised by the PTO is dedicated to these efforts. For more information on how your dollars are utilized, please visit the Fundraising & Solar Giving page.


Throughout this school year one of the Solar Prep Girls PTO objectives has been, and continues to be, to "gift" each and every one of our amazing staff members, and on behalf of our overall Solar Girls Community, with a token of our appreciation. This year, we have elected to give each staff member a "themed" gift bag - replete with a customized tumbler, and customized snacks, according to the staff member's Favorite Things list.


Unique celebrations and recognition opportunities include:

  • Gifts / Treats for every staff member through uniquely-targeted celebrations
  • Gifts / Treats for Teacher Appreciation Week each May

Special events at which staff meals & treats are provided include:

  • Fall Welcome Staff Back to School (August)

  • Mini School (September)

  • Grandparents & Book Fair (October)

  • Fall & Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • 12 Days of Christmas Staff Treats

  • Spring Welcome Staff Back to School (January)

How Can I Make a Difference?

Easy. As a part of the larger parent community, you can make monetary contributions, both direct gifts as well as contributions into the various fundraising events that occur throughout the year. On an individual basis, you can take a look at the compiled Favorite Things lists and jump on any opportunity you identify to show them your appreciation! Additionally, you can share your valuable resources and connections by filling out this form.

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