The Solar Prep Girls Community Website is created through the hosting platform Membership Toolkit, and has three levels of accessibility.  Membership Toolkit is the service that empowers our organization to make purchases, complete paperwork, and coordinate our volunteer effortsall online. The goal is to save time, and work together more smoothly!


New & Returning Solar Girls Families: Registration is FREE and you must be registered in order volunteer for events, purchase Solar Swag, sign up for PTA memberships, and more. Get started today!


Returning Solar Girls Families: If have previously registered an account, use those same credentials to log in now! If you have an existing Membership Toolkit account with another organization (local examples include JL Long Middle School, Travis PTA, Mockingbird PTA, Geneva Heights PTA, Lakewood PTA, as well as many other Dallas parent organizations!) If so, please simply add your Solar Scholar(s) details and reactivate your website registration by logging into existing account here


All Solar Girls Families:  Please join the PTA today!  By joining, our Solar Scholars benefit through your support of our school through PTA events and initiatives.



And remember, registering an account with Membership Toolkit is NOT the same as becoming a member of the PTA.

  • BASIC ACCESS. The home page, calendar and main information pages can be viewed without creating a Membership Toolkit account.

  • MEDIUM ACCESS. Creating a Membership Toolkit account is secure, easy and free (and they do not spam you!!). It allows you greater access to website features, including the ability to purchase Solar Swag and, if you already have a MTK account through another organization, you can use the same log in credentials here. 
  • FULL ACCESS. In order to utilize the fullest functionality of the website, you will need to purchase a PTA membership, an annual fee of $10. Benefits of PTA Membership include: 
    • Sign-up to receive important communications
    • Sign-up to VOLUNTEER for PTA events and activities
    • Voting on PTA decisions and board elections (each Spring)
    • Ability to pay dues online
    • Donate to PTA, which directly benefits our school
    • Complete your directory information
    • Access the online PTA directory


There is a great mobile app you can download to access all the same things from the full website! You must register for an account through the main website BEFORE you can access your account in the app.

1. Register your account first!

2. Download the app next!




Parents love the added convenience of accessing the directory from the Membership Toolkit App. The app includes your directory and calendar —and links to your site through their internet browser.


The app is available free in the Apple Store and in Google Play. Download it one time for all of the organizations that you are affiliated with that are using Membership Toolkit. If you belong to 4 organizations that are using Membership Toolkit, when you log in to the app you will see all four organizations presented and you can toggle between organizations.






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The PTA Needs You ...

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