These FAQ's were developed based on questions that the PTA and other parent groups commonly receive, particularly at our Facebook group Solar Prep Girls Community Facebook Page. We hope these will help you navigate and connect with others at our school. If you have additional FAQ suggestions, please send those to


GetTING Involved

1. How can we get involved to support our scholars at Solar Prep for Girls?

Sign up to receive the school newsletter, Bright Times. It has great information on all of the events and updates.

To volunteer on campus at any DISD school all volunteers must first complete your application and
orientation at Volunteer with Dallas ISD. After getting approved seek out Volunteer opportunities
through the school district at: DISD VOLY For example, these have included specific classroom opportunities, lunchroom monitoring, books fair support, and more.


Get connected with the Solar Prep family affinity groups!

Solar Prep Girls PTA

Solar Prep for Girls had a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) for many years. In May 2023 the community determined that joining the national Parent Teacher Association (PTA) would provide more support and coordination to this hard-working group. So, the PTO is now the PTA! You can join, volunteer, or both. Join online today! Or look out for PTA Board members at school events like Meet the Teacher Night and many more. CLICK HERE to view more info on the PTA.

Solar Peace Pantry

The Solar Prep Food Pantry, started in March 2020, is a partnership of multiple organizations to provide provisionary support and relief to food insecure families in the Solar Prep Schools Community. They also provide help with winter coats, toiletries, holiday gifts, and school uniforms. It supports both the boys’ and girls’ campuses and is located at the boys’ school campus. School year and summer hours differ so check their Instagram account @solarpantry for updates. Volunteer today!

Friends of Solar Prep Foundation

Friends of Solar Prep (FOSP) is a volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation led by a board of parents and community leaders who work to ensure every Solar Prep student has equal access to educational opportunities to realize their full potential. It supports both the boys’ and girls’ campuses.

Solar Prep for Girls Site Based Decision Making (SBDM) Committee

Site-based decision making (SBDM) is a process for decentralizing decisions to improve the educational outcomes at every DISD campus through a collaborative effort of principles, teachers, campus staff, district staff, parents, business partners, and community representatives. The function of the SBDM Committee is to advise the principal in establishing the campus goals and plan for improvement. For more information contact:


Solar League

Solar League is a group for dads and other men in our scholar’s lives including grandfathers, uncles, cousins, family friends, etc. This group has joined the Solar Prep Girls PTA. To reach to a Solar League member please contact: PHONE/EMAIL


2. I have an idea for a fundraiser or an event to help the school, or my organization/business would like to partner. How can I reach out?

Contact the Solar Prep Girls PTA!

Reach out to the PTA Fundraising Chair:

Contact Friends of Solar Prep!

Reach out to the FOSP Fundraising Chair: Contact Us

Girl Scouts

How does Girl Scouts work at Solar Prep for Girls?


When are the meetings?


Who is the troop leader?


How can I be involved?


Do we need a uniform? Where do we buy that?

I need financial help getting my scholar a Girl Scout Uniform. How can I get support?


School Supplies

I need some help getting school supplies, headphones, backpack, or other school-items for my scholar. How can I get support?

Contact the Solar Peace Pantry. They are located at Solar Prep for Boys and support scholars at both

Is there an easy way to get all my school supplies at one time?

Yes! Look out for messaging from ?? on school supply orders. These must be done far in advance, so the opportunity occurs each May-June for the upcoming year’s supplies. If you missed it this year, then keep it in mind for next year.


What are the uniform guidelines / expectations at Solar Girls?

Please check out the helpful graphic and explanatory chart: CLICK HERE

I need some help getting school uniforms for my child. How can I get support?

Look out in Bright Times and Solar social media for the Uniform Swap that occurs a few weeks
before the start of school each year. Contact the Solar Peace Pantry. They are located at Solar Prep
for Boys and support scholars at both campuses.

Can Solar scholars wear regular DISD uniforms?

The short answer is yes, any child who attends a DISD school is permitted to wear the white or navy polo shirts and the black, navy, or khaki pants/shorts.


Every school campus, however, is also permitted by DISD to name a custom uniform for its student body in order to promote a sense of place and culture. Solar Prep Girls has elected this option in the form of white, purple, pink, gray, and lavender polo shirts, black or gray pants/shorts, and black or gray jumpers and skirts. Make sure and view the chart of grade-specific combinations on our Uniforms page!

Car Pooling & Transportation

My bus route is having problems such as: lateness, confusion with the right stop, my scholar is just having a hard time on the bus, etc. What should I do?

If you need to reach out to transportation directly, the phone number Is 972-925-4BUS (4287). It is
worth programming this number into your phone because this is the only way you will be able to track
the bus.

Other Solar families at your stop are also a great resource, being able to communicate with them is
invaluable when running late for drop off or pick up. Get to know them and exchange numbers!
If there’s a challenging social situation, then reach out to the school counselor (972) 749-4300.

I’m looking for carpooling or walking buddies for my scholar. What should I do?

Consider putting a message on the Solar Prep Girls Community Facebook Page. Connect with the
parents in your child’s class. Get to know them and exchange numbers!


Student Testing

Help! I am a little lost on all the different types of tests my scholar takes throughout the year. Can someone please explain?

Each year for parents and students the topic of standardized testing brings much confusion and consternation. To help simplify this topic, we have created a list of test types and test dates. CLICK HERE to view this page.