Donation Opportunities & Fundraising Events 

Fundraising allows the PTA to provide a variety of activities that are focused on parent education, family & student engagement, and staff appreciation, including:

  • PTA programs
  • Assemblies
  • Book fairs
  • Coffee with the Principal Meetings
  • Community Outreach
  • Cultural Arts for Scholars
  • Grade Level Parent Representatives
  • Movie Nights
  • Multicultural Events
  • Scholar Showcases
  • Student Clubs
  • Solar Prep Cares
  • Solar Sports
  • Special Correspondence
  • Spring Carnival
  • Spring Musicals
  • Sweetheart Dance
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Yearbook 

The PTA will use the funds obtained through the fundraising projects listed below to directly benefit our children & our school.


The Solar Girls Spring Carnival & Silent Auction is our BIGGEST fundraising event of the year. This is an "all hands on deck" operation; we need YOUR help to make it awesome!





A gift here and a gift there is always welcome and needed to keep things running for our Solar Girls!


Your Custom Donation to the Solar Prep Girls PTA General Fund is an opportunity to avail your hard-earned resources to the discretion of the PTA Board and the school-, scholar- and family-supporting initiatives pursued by the PTA as an organization.


As fellow Solar Parents, we value every dollar and cent you contribute, and appreciate the trust you convey with your donation! In addition to the following items, the General Fund coffers will be also utilized to pay for the occasional unexpected or unanticipated need or request by Solar Prep Staff members and/or administrators.




Keep your closets stocked and our school Lost & Found empty by labeling your scholars' belongings!


Our school is fundraising with Mabel’s Labels! If you’re not familiar with Mabel’s Labels, they are personalized, durable, waterproof labels. They are great for everything from shoes, clothing tags, water bottles and backpacks. You can customize them with your name and a design, and they are dishwasher, laundry and microwave safe.


Mabel’s Labels also offers clothing stamps, silicone bands for water bottles and medical alert labels. This is a great way to ensure your items don’t end up in the lost & found or mixed up. To reduce the spread of germs, we highly recommend labelling but they are also useful for everyday life.


To support this fundraiser, CLICK HERE and type / select "Solar Prep for Girls (Dallas)". You can pick out whatever labels or product you want, and it will ship for free directly to your house! Thank you for supporting us!




Enjoy a day off from uniforms and let your scholar's personality shine!


Dollar Dress Days are on the first Friday of each month this school year. Be sure and keep an eye on the calendar!


Choose from an all-year-pass or come back each month and contribute to your scholars' free dress Fridays! CLICK HERE to pay online with ease - then you don't have to worry about remembering that "one more thing" when you're trying to get your kids to school on those mornings!