Serving Scholars, Staff, School, Community, and the Greater Good! 

Solar Prep Cares works to support our Solar community and to be good stewards of our resources and our planet. We aim to address the needs of Solar scholars and their families as they arise, and to bring together staff, parents, the surrounding community, and our scholars: together we rise! 


Our projects and initiatives include: 


Solar Prep Food Pantry


A partnership between Solar Prep Cares / Brotherly Love @ Solar Boys / Crossroads Peace Pantry / Friends of Solar Prep


The Solar Prep Food Pantry, started in March 2020, provides support to food insecure families in the Solar Prep Schools community.


Please use this form if you are a Solar Prep family who has not yet been served by the Pantry, but are currently in need of assistance.* 


*You do not need to fill out this form if you have received assistance at least once since August 2020.



Solar Sister Swap


The Solar Sister Swap is a uniform donation and “upcycle” program available to all Solar girls. It’s like shopping in your sister’s closet! 


Uniforms can be donated year-round in the bins at the Henderson doors @ Solar girls and at the Solar Pantry. Laundered uniforms are available during Solar Pantry hours, and at Meet the Teacher nights in August.



Winter Wear Drive


Let’s make sure all our scholars stay warm this cold weather season! Families in need of winter coats for their scholars will be able to request them in September. Donations will be collected and redistributed in October. 



Book Fair Funds


Funds will be collected in October to ensure that all scholars can participate in the book fair.



Book Character Costume Drive

Don’t want to shop for both a Halloween costume and something for your scholar to wear on book character day? Frustrated that you have costumes that were only worn once cluttering up your house? Then the Book Character Costume Drive is for you!


Costumes will be collected in October and made available to scholars when they arrive at school on Book Character Day (Friday, October 29, 2021)



Holiday Wish Drive


“Giving Families” are paired with “Recipient Families” to ensure that all scholars, and their siblings, receive gifts for the winter holiday season. Over 150 children had brighter holidays in 2020 as a result of Solar families’ generosity. 


Wish lists for 2021 will be collected and distributed in late November/early December. 



Sweetheart Dance Dress Swap


Wear your sister’s dress to the big dance! Party dresses will be collected in the month prior to the Sweetheart Dance and redistributed to any scholar who’d like to look her best for the party of the season! 



Puberty Product Drive


Donations of deodorant and menstrual pads are collected in the spring to ensure that our growing girls have the supplies they need.